Why vascular   It's about prophylaxis

The age of a man is the age of his arteries

   Carotid Study includes a Bidimensional, morphological evaluation of great value in characterizing the structural details of the pathology and a Blood Flow Doppler quantitation of the subsequent haemodynamical disorders. With its consistent findings, Carotid Study became rapidly the first approach in stroke prevention.
   Lower Limbs Arterial Study is a valuable yet inexpensive and non-invasive tool to assess Peripheral Arterial disease and monitor changes


Atheromatosis - the silent killer

     Vascular Doppler : Carotid and vertebral study and Lower Limbs Arterial Study are methods of election for the assessment of the extent of the diffuse atheromatous modifications as well as of the focal localized plaques in extracranial and peripheral arterial segments.
   It is a convenient procedure for all patients, being inexpensive, non invasive and provides details comparable with laborious, invasive, contrast media - based less affordable explorations.